Thursday, February 08, 2007

Vila does Yulblog




For the complete lowdown, click here.

For the comic, click here.


Nick said...

Sounds like I missed a good one this time... I await countless "I'm hung over" blog posts all over town today...

vanou said...

Did I get to see you? If not, next time!

mare said...

Geeh, I didn't notice the Quincaillerie was wrapped in plastic. Thanks for looking up on my behalf.

Vila H. said...

Nick--Yeah, the hangover's just starting to subside. So where the hell were you, anyway?

Vanou--You did see me, you just didn't know it! I'm at the bottom left of your Metroblog picture--back to the camera, beer in left hand, just below Martine. See? :-)

Mare--You're welcome!