Monday, January 29, 2007


Environment Canada

Currently Observed at:
Montréal-Trudeau Int'l Airport
2:00 AM EST
Monday 29 January 2007


Temperature -17°C
Pressure/ Tendency 100.9 kPa↑
Visibility 10 km
Humidity 87 %
Dewpoint -19°C
Wind W 5 km/h

I have to leave a bar to have a motherfucking cigarette, but today's weather is smoke? Oh, and there's also a smog warning in effect. Breathe easy, people...


husk said...

That's a ... strange forecast. Good thing they got rid of those darned cigarettes, indeed.

Vila H. said...

Yeah, it seriously freaked me out when I saw it. It's the yuppies and their fucking wood stoves--'cause you know, electric heat is just so passé...