Saturday, December 23, 2006

The day after Global Orgasm Day

Okay, so it didn’t stop any wars. But Global Orgasm Day did feel kinda sexy, didn’t it?

The event even caught the attention of my favourite astrologer, who wrote this piece on its potential merits. An excerpt:

Orgasm transcends differences of gender, sexual orientation, social identity, language, nationality, house or trance, rock or disco. It can be a profound moment of inner freedom that (if you're paying attention) is really a deep cosmic joining. It seems plausible enough to try focusing this on world peace -- and at the very worst, it's hot that a whole bunch of people around the world are planning to get off at the same time, thinking about one another doing it.

[ . . . ]

Given the choice, I would rather live and work among sexually expressive people; in a house where people are affectionate with one another; where there is freedom to speak freely about pleasure and desire, and where different strokes are not the subject of judgment, but rather encouraged and explored. I would rather live in a community where people feel safe to feel and express themselves. I would rather live in a country where the culture is tolerant and where people strive for equality, which can only come through communication.

Oh, and he also does horoscopes. Enjoy!

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