Saturday, November 11, 2006

The best and brightest

Once again, it is the season of that strange ritual known as the Canadian Blog Awards.

Last year, I nominated the erstwhile way down here in three categories. As you may recall, Bob’s little blog that could made it to the top five in every one of them. He’s now in rehab, poor thing, so be sure to send him your well wishes.

This year, I thought I’d nominate several of my favourite blogs across a range of categories. The list excludes many worthy non-Canadians, as well as blogs that have already secured nominations from others. Nevertheless, these are among the blogs I most look forward to reading each day. You might too.

And so, the nominations are:

Best Cultural Blog: Bits and Bytes from Elsewhere

He doesn’t post nearly as often as he should, but Iso_G still manages to provide a feast for the senses. It’s also nice to hear from a friend who couldn’t be farther away.

Best Local Blog: Super Bon!

The Professor’s blog, which touches on music, politics, academe, and more, always and incisively from the perspective of a new Montrealer.

Best Blog Post: “Smell This Law

Without question, this award belongs to The Eponym. And yes, I still desperately wish that I had written it.

Best Photo/Art Blog: husk/essem

I could lose myself in his photographs, and at certain moments I do.

Best Personal Blog: It’s all grey to me

A relatively recent addition to my Bloglines roster, this is one of the most exquisitely written blogs I have yet come across. Her last post, particularly, deserves both mention and a read.

Voting begins on Wednesday, November 15th. Please do.


husk said...

oh no, the nominations are closed -- I would've added "the smoking section" in there (is it?) just like I voted for this blog in the Mirror's BOM last year. thank you, Vila!

H said...

Vila, thank you.


Vila H. said...

You're both very welcome.

Devilishly, I make it a point to wait until the very last day to make my nominations. It feels purer that way.

Now, what's this about the Mirror? Did I miss something?

husk said...

The Mirror's BOM (Best of Montreal) has a "Best Blog" section. It coincided with all your excellent posts on the smoking ban (kudos), Zeke's Gallery won (well deserved also).

Vila H. said...

Um, are you telling me this blog was nominated in the Mirror? Fuck, you'd think someone would have mentioned it... In any case, no one deserves it more than Zeke, do they?