Monday, October 30, 2006


I did go to a party the other night, to celebrate the birthday of one of the waitresses at the Café. The party was held at another neighbourhood bar, and was teeming with people I haven’t seen in a while.

When I arrived, I took a seat at the bar and ordered a cocktail, which is not what I usually drink. I usually drink beer, but I wasn’t planning on staying long. I don't linger much these days. Moments later, I was approached by one of the Café’s bartenders, who smiled broadly and kissed both my cheeks.

“Vila, we don’t see you anymore…” he lamented in charmingly accented English, as he let his hand rest gently on the small of my back. I sighed and lifted an invisible cigarette into the air, confessing, “I don’t go out like I used to.” I refrained from confessing that I found him unspeakably attractive.

His hand remained where it was, but his smile faded. “It’s really hit us hard, the smoking ban. It’s hit everybody hard.” I nodded and touched his arm sympathetically. Yes, sympathetically. Then, I thought of all the times I walked past the Café this summer and saw that it was empty, even on Friday and Saturday nights. It occurred to me that I missed him.

Of course I do. I miss everyone at the Café.

Before I left the party, I had the presence of mind to ask the bartender what nights he works, and promised to come see him soon. When I do, I will sit at the bar and order a cocktail. If he flirts with me, I’ll go outside for a smoke, and then order a second. But only if he flirts with me.

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husk said...

Many places in the city are having such a hard time with the ban, I still say it should've been up to the owners to decide -- I'm sure tons of clubs and cafés would've adopted the non-smoking option... still a sensitive issue I guess. I had no candy to offer the children passing by for Halloween earlier tonight where I am currently house-sitting, I did however jokingly offer the kids loose change and some cigarettes for the parents -- they really didn't think that was funny. Then I started talking about all those chemicals in the candy, the transfat and whatnot -- they didn't find that funny either but seemed less concerned about it than the awful tabacco-offer joke. Go figure! The kids had cool costumes though. Anyway, I'm ranting as usual but I hope the bartender keeps on flirting.