Sunday, September 10, 2006

Between the eclipses

Despite my best efforts, my trip to Vancouver is already memory. The life I've returned to is more or less exactly as I left it: a blur of meetings and reports and emails, punctuated by quick drinks at the grad pub and late night phone calls from my mother.

What is different now than before is the threat of change, which seems to be lurking everywhere. It is in g_pi’s last post, and in this one too. It was in the conversation I had last night with Arit, which pre-empted the movie we had planned to watch and continued long after the wine was gone. And, apparently, it is in the stars.

The day after my birthday, I read a horoscope that knocked me flat on my ass. This is how it began:

There is nobody who has experienced several outer planet transits who is not in some important ways profoundly different than you were before they happened.

From there:

The quality of the charts is like someone has dropped a focusing lens in front of your life. The New Moon is a joining of the internal and external natures; a reminder that you are evolving and aligning within yourself; and that whatever halves of yourself you feared were not talking are getting themselves Together.


Saturn in Leo has been pushing you deep into yourself to call forth your identity, which can be lonely work. Neptune in Aquarius has represented a drive to find your true service, your true expression of dharma in the world. It is the strategic search for the right work (Virgo-Capricorn theme), which invariably means work that taps into your creative talents rather than sidelining them.

And this is how it ended:

Because so much of the astrology of the past three years has involved intense confrontations, upheavals, losses and instability, the sequence of events associated with your solar return (New Moon the day of the Virgo ingress; Saturn opposite Neptune in your solar return chart; and Mercury conjunct the Sun), the image is one of collecting all that you've gained, consolidating all you've learned, and finally being able to encounter those powerful, creative others as someone who has something to offer, and is willing to play.

I realize that I am navel-gazing in the most ridiculous way, but every word of it rings true. I am different, and by this time next year, everything else will be too. I can feel it in my bones.

Fuck, yeah. Bring it on.

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