Friday, July 28, 2006

And speaking of existential crises...

From uberfrau's blistering screed on California's proposed cigarette tax:

I should thank them for giving me an opportunity for spritual growth as well. Not only is smoking killing me, irritating innocent bystanders, and hitting my bank account that much harder, but this tax, at last, proves to me that I am an awful and amoral person who clearly sees the universe as a giant ashtray for my existential angst. If this tax goes through, I will have the state of California to thank for giving me a means of penance for my manifold sins, or really, if you will, a way to balance that karmatic wheel of life. Given all of the great things that this tax would do for me and god and the children, how could I quit?

Also, she didn't care for An Inconvenient Truth.

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