Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Accidents will happen

Maybe it’s because I’m tired, but is it starting to seem to anyone else like the world is completely losing its shit?

Let’s review, shall we? North Korean missiles in the Sea of Japan. Train bombs in Mumbai. Sectarian rampages in Iraq. Air strikes in Gaza.

And, as of tonight, Israeli troops in Lebanon.

Maybe it’s because I’m tired, but I keep thinking about the way history works. Tensions build, alliances form, diplomats shuttle back and forth. It’s the daily grind of global politics, the constant, droning hum that we learn to ignore. Just business as usual, we assume, and we’re usually right.

But then, someone hauls off and shoots the Archduke, and the hum is transmuted into gasoline.

I am remembering that World War One was essentially a war of mismanagement, fought by inept political actors who were suddenly overwhelmed by forces they did not fully understand. If this is the hum before war, then it's that kind of hum.

Already, CNN has a graphic: "On the brink." Not good.


joox said...

Well there has always been turmoil throughout the world and it seems to me nothing has changed. Of course North Korea is a liable threat now, as I had told a freind a year ago since its caustic relations with the US only increase in friction ever year. Also, global warming has always been here, and its sad it actually took a former vice president with quasi-stardom to actually transfer the well documented situation to film just so people would pay attention, little if any. I was surprised & humored to find out many believe it to be a myth as I was taught as early in elementary that it is in fact a scientifically proven & serious problem humanity faces. As for terrorism, it also is nothing new. The truth of the matter is our [N. American] government has succeeded in its engaging of scare tactics to do as they please for whatever gain, monetary seems most logical. Its as if all the terrorist acts perpetrated around the world had no significant meaning to our people before. And now we're scared because [as proven by miniscule protest to the Patriot Act resulting in stolen liberty] the government insinuates such acts are possible? They always were! I'm really disappointed with America right now, it seems the "war on terrorists" is a fresh concept to many of our citizens but it has been a long standing battle. Though, by invading an entire country/culture in a rabid manner [and for no reason] we should not expect any enlighenment [what America really needs] any time soon.

Frank said...

Yes, I haven't turned on CNN for a month or two. I turn it on this evening and it's Wolf Blitzer and the Situation Room. I couldn't tell if it was a regular program or some special deal. And if it was a regular program, were all these events bigger than normal or was it just regular sensationalist programming on this show.

Let's hope things quiet down and troops are withdrawn all around.

Vila H. said...

Reading this, I wouldn't bet on it.

The Situation Room is completely over the top, which is why I take my cues from the BBC World Service (or, as Oblivia calls it, BBC news for pointy heads). If the Beeb gets its knickers in a knot, then you know it's serious.

husk said...

I know it's been a while now but I'm "still" uneasy with that whole "TODAY'S TERROR ALERT LEVEL : MEDIUM-HIGH (LIGHT ORANGE!)" chart... like it's as common as a weather forcast or something.