Friday, June 23, 2006

Week three: Antsy

Sometimes, things stay with you. Things like this:

How is one to live obsessively in Mtl, to leave one’s mark on the place, now that indoor smoking is banned?

How, indeed.

I am missing the Café tonight. With the heat as it is, I should be sitting at one of the two window tables, drinking a beer special and talking breathlessly about politics or art or the state of my soul. Instead, I am sitting at my computer in my underwear, trying to find solace on the Internet.

As D. would say, how lame.

James called the other day, and he reminded me that bars in Vancouver are still permitted to have smoking rooms. How is it possible that he can smoke freely in the land of hemp-draped wood nymphs while I am forbidden to do so in the province that invented poutine? I tell you, it just isn’t right.

I have been invited to a St. Jean Baptiste party tomorrow night, at which I plan to get completely soused. I think I will apologize to the hosts in advance.


tornwordo said...

Just find a terasse to smoke on. The real problem will come wintertime, lol.

Vila H. said...

An excellent suggestion, except for the fact that it rained buckets last night. Mind, I don't think the law says anything about smoking on boats... ;-)

wade said...

vila dear, this is wade. Maybe this is too obvious to be relevant, but maybe it's worth trying to quit? How "lame" indeed that this one addiction keeps you out of a happy place doing happy things with happy friends. Become addicted to Nicorette like our prof friend instead? I am haunted with regard to my bike riding that there comes a time to put away childish things. That's my addiction. But my addiction doesn't keep me from socializing. (I'm trying to understand.) Your happy place is in a cafe, with beer and cigarettes and like-minded friends. You can still have all of that minus the cigarettes. Maybe it's time to put away this thing that you have loved since you were a child?
But this comes from an obsessive quitter...
One other thing: I do acknowledge that I haven't got around to enjoying going out to a newly non-smoking establishment yet. You have been punished for my new freedom that I have failed to exercise? I suppose I owe it to you to get out of my house and shoot some pool, or eat at a chinese restaurant, or see a band, or something.

Vila H. said...

Don't be silly.