Friday, June 16, 2006

New blogs!

To celebrate my apartment not burning to the ground, I have updated my blogroll. That it’s taken me more than a year to get around to doing so is faintly ridiculous, and speaks volumes about my penchant for procrastination. (Sighs.) Better late than never, right?

Many of the old favourites are still around (e.g. an endless banquet, Bits and Bytes From Elsewhere, The Public Ineffectual), although a few have adopted new names (notes abbreviated, Sal’s Stories), and these have been joined by some worthy new additions. Not quite sure where to begin? Well then, allow me to make some recommendations…

  • You want politics? Try the napping way down here for a lighter touch, or newcomer Blowback for a slightly firmer one.

  • For music writing that is as enjoyable as it is obsessive (can you say lists?) give Kevin John Bozelka a spin.

  • Hankering for an impressively erudite travel blog? Then amble over to the on-again, off-again worldwide flux.

  • More in the mind for a great photoblog? You couldn’t do better than Digital Apoptosis and anthropy.

  • Wait, you say you want funny? Then get thee to Madame D.’s marvellous Perdition, or to the screamingly good Gone Feral.

  • But what do the Americans think about all this? Just ask Chicagoan in Montreal, or The Professor’s Super Bon!

  • Now, for blogs that are so beautifully written you won’t especially care what they’re about, delve into notes abbreviated, Sticky Crows, or the oft-cited Eponym. (And yes, I freely admit to having blog crushes on all three!)

  • And if you just can’t get through the day without a Rousseau fix, The Necromancer is absolutely the blog for you!
N.B. For any authors who feel that they have recently lost their muse, please feel free to consider this a gentle kick in the ass...


Anonymous said...

Hey ! you need to read Momus' blog. iMomus. Google it.

- Very best guy in Montreal

Anonymous said...


Can you make it down to NDG tonight?
I'll be having a late dinner and drinks at Taverne on Monkland.

- Best guy in Montreal ever

Frank said...

Thanks for the mention and the listing on the blogroll.

I probably need more of a vacation than a kick in the butt.

g_pi said...

V, you have me in very esteemed company. I'm not quite sure it's deserved, but I thank you!

And you know yours is the only blog that I now read religiously, don't you? (Especially since Bob seems to have vacated the premises.)

By the way, thanks for posting the link to Arit's portfolio. I hadn't seen it. I am MIGHTILY impressed.