Wednesday, May 17, 2006

On the Metroblog; or, Uberfrau has the floor

A comment on yesterday's Metroblogging post from the always incisive Uberfrau:

Smoking bans are always facist. Why be reasonable about things, when really, what you want is for other people to see the world as you do? Next you're going to say that people shouldn't smoke outside the doors of the bar, because you have to walk through it to get in. Then you're going to start complaining about the noise, and people loitering on the street. Then it's going to be illegal to stand and smoke outside, so forget the terrace, you have a right to sit out there too, without being irritated. For you it's not even a health issue, you are so intolerant that you cannot differentiate between what might be a nuisance to you and what constitutes an actual health risk. And really, if you were really all that health conscious, you probably wouldn't be going to a bar in the first place.

But then again, who can argue with you anyway, when really, you're so concerned about your community, and everyone else, because you care so much, and are so respectful of other people and living creatures, and may even toss the homeless change every once in a while. But then, you won't want to argue about it, or compromise, because you know you are right.You'll smirk and say, "I don't know why you're being so mean about this, why don't we just agree to disagree?" Yet, still feel as though you have won. In fact, why does anyone smoke in the first place? Why don't we just make it illegal? And after this, what about all of those fat people, why do they eat so much? Aren't they, just like the smokers, costing the public health system way too much?

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Dr. Adela Roatcap said...

A few facts:

Look at people over sixty,
of those still alive
you can tell who smoked
who smoked a lot
who still smokes
it ain't pretty

Mona's prematurely wrinkled skin,
Bill's eternal cough and spitting,
Jacl's oxyhen cannister
Lucy smelling of dirty ashtrays.

But worst of all
is to see some kid light up

How can you tell them that
their health is going up in flames>

How can you explain
that it isn't worth it?

How can you convince them
that what they are smoking
is taxes and cigarrete compnies profits?

Did I not get hooked when my dear
anthropology professor smoked full time, the classromm grey with smoke?

Have I not thrown my cigarretes away
but kept the lovely cigarrete cases, silver, gold, inscribed?

Do I not miss my lovely after dinner smokes?
Do I not miss reaching for a smoke while reading or talking or just walking along?
Do I not miss the smoke that made you more attractive to me?

Quitting is like climbing Mt.Everest.
Why do you go up there?
To sample a more complete view
To stand at the top of the world

To find myself healthy, clear headed, my lungs pure, at peace.
To find myself strong and resolute.
To find myself.