Sunday, May 07, 2006

Changes One

My ex is getting married.

I never wanted to get married.

He said he didn’t either.


Anonymous said...

I see. I'll just let myself be carried right past you then. I'm sorry; I myself am going through a really pathetic ending to a five year relationship. I'll buy you cheesecake and we can smoke together.

- Linen Shirt Guy

P.S. Keep ya head up. Thug life & M.o.B.

Vila H. said...

Sorry about your relationship. Mine ended quite some time ago, so it's definitely past tense. It's just a weird reminder.

So... got a light?

Anonymous said...

I can sort of imagine what it would be like hearing something like that. Have you figured out what you're feeling?

Mine ended some time ago too. It would have sucked more if it wasn't so pathetic. Life goes on. Want a scotch? I have to be up for work in a few hours! It seems to be just you and I sharing dawn over a very high latency conversation.

I feel like walking down to the grease pit at Lambert-Closse and Maisonneuve, smoking all the way.

- Linen Shirt Guy

Anonymous said...

I think I'll do that, actually!