Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Story of Physi-O

He was unlike any man I’ve ever known. Tanned, muscular, confident, almost cocky. Under his jogging pants, his legs were like thick, hard trunks. Following him into his room, I felt nothing for him.

Then it began.

He asked me to lie face down on the table. Cautiously, I obliged. Standing above me, his voice was gentle, almost kind, as he explained what he was going to do. Momentarily soothed, I let myself relax.

Then, I felt his hands on me, hands that were so strong I trembled underneath them. Hands that could have snapped my spine in two without any effort at all. Involuntarily, my muscles tensed. This displeased him.

Suddenly, he was cruel. He pressed his fingers deep into my flesh, bringing with them a searing pain that made me gasp for breath. I recoiled from his touch, and instantly felt the weight of his massive arms pinning me onto the table. I cried out, but was helpless.

Again and again, he found my most sensitive places and forced himself in, as I writhed in fear and pain. He said that I weak, that I had no choice but to obey, as he pushed in harder, deeper. Hating him, I closed my eyes and tried in vain to will myself free.

The violation was endless. He manipulated my body as though I was a doll, arranging my limbs into the positions that suited him. Each one brought a new note of agony, even more intense than the last, until finally I gave myself over to him, utterly broken.

In that moment, everything changed. This was what he wanted. He became kind again, his voice cooing into my ear. He said that I had been good, that I was learning what was good for my body. Then he brought out a machine and placed two small electrodes on the places he had ravaged. I braced myself for what would come.

He turned on the machine and the electrodes slowly warmed. I felt currents of heat radiating out from where they were attached to my skin. The currents became waves of pleasure, cresting, then falling, then cresting again. I moaned. Softly, he asked if it was good, and I said that it was.

He stayed close for what seemed like hours, as the waves grew stronger, wider, sweeter. I drank them in, feeling a pleasure I had never known nor imagined. Knowing that he was there, that he had given this to me, I forgave him everything, loving him with every muscle and bone. Lost in the waves, I prayed that they would never end.

And then, it was over. Already, I wanted it again, but I was too much overcome to speak. Sensing my need, he asked me to come see him again next week. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.


uberfrau said...

glad to see you're enjoying physio therapy.

I hate the electrodes machine. eck

xanthium said...

So, it's been a long winter, eh?

Vila H. said...

You don't know the half of it.

Anonymous said...

This reads like some kind of Gorean roleplay. Serious question. Do you like Tupac Shakur a.k.a Makaveli (the don)?

P.S. Vila I love you!

- Linen shirt guy.

Vila H. said...

Dear Linen shirt guy,

My reference is a little more old school, but I'm glad you enjoyed the kink anyway. As for your question, Hail Mary's alright.

By the way, does your appearance mean that it's summer? Please say yes.