Monday, April 17, 2006


It’s official: I am sick and tired of being broke.

Wait, that’s not quite right. What I mean to say is, I am sick and tired of working my ass off and still being broke.

Hmm, I think a list is in order, don’t you?

Things I would do if I wasn't broke:

1. See a first-run movie

I saw one last summer. It was fun.

2. Buy music

The last CD I bought was Arcade Fire’s Funeral, which was released in 2004.

3. Buy underwear

If my mother wasn’t as crazy as a loon, she’d be horrified at the state of my underwear. Which is still vastly better than the state of my socks.

4. Get away from it all

The last time I went on vacation was to New York City in May of 2002. New Yorkers were still rude back then, which is just how I like 'em.

5. Pay off Simone’s vet bills

How the fuck can it cost almost $600 dollars to do absolutely nothing for your dying cat except put her to sleep?

6. Buy a pair of shoes

I own exactly one pair of shoes: five-year old black Cons that have holes in both heels and one toe. I also own a pair of combat boots that I bought when I was in undergrad, but they're boots so they don't count.

7. Drink a brand of beer that isn’t on special

Boréal is always on special. I hate Boréal.

8. Drink something other than beer

At my age, I should be drinking martinis. With my twenty-three year old lover. In Paris.

9. Pay for my physiotherapy

According to the Quebec government, it's one of life’s little luxuries.

10. Buy a lottery ticket

‘Cause this could be my lucky day. It could be, couldn't it? C'mon, lie to me, will you?


bob said...

Buy music? Mais Vila, it's the 21st century! Download, my sweet naive friend! What is wrong with you? Are you churning your own butter too?

Vila H. said...

They didn't have music when my computer was made. Back then, all people did was play Tetrus and stare at fire.