Wednesday, March 01, 2006


It is, officially, the dead of winter, a time when even the most seasoned bloggers lose their spark. Some are reflecting upon their deepening malaise, and one has even resorted to a reader’s poll to chart his future course.

The less seasoned among us weigh our blogging options, and inevitably find them wanting. There is, most obviously, the weather, which is wretchedly cold and will remain so for another six weeks at least. There is work, which admittedly sucks but hardly merits public discussion. There is, finally, gossip, the broadcast of which is unfortunately circumscribed by ethical considerations.

What’s a blogger to do? Like marriage, a few lacy underthings might help to spice things up, except that it’s much too cold to consider abandoning my flannel pyjamas. Alternatively, I could make a brief foray into the realm of fiction, and regale you with the adventures of a thinly veiled but infinitely more exciting version of myself named Lola. But then, The Smoking Gun would unleash an exposé and I’d be publicly pilloried by Oprah, and frankly, who needs that?

Then there is politics, that inexhaustible well of spit and bile from which we all draw so deeply. The problem is, I wouldn’t know where to begin. The unmitigated disaster that is the war in Iraq? The burgeoning movement to reverse Roe vs. Wade? The inauguration of Canada’s first Conservative government in thirteen years? Really, what more is there to say than that Rome is burning and it quite probably deserves to.

Christ, I’d write about the movies if I had actually seen any lately.

No, there is no joy in Blogville tonight, only a blinking cursor and the faint hope of spring.


g_pi said...

O god, vila, I second (and third and fourth and fifth) that post ... the blahs have set in with a vengeance.

bob said...

yeah, me too. i got nothin'.
hell, i barely have the energy to breathe.