Monday, March 20, 2006

Speaking of death

Amidst the avalanche of press coverage that followed the death of Slobodan Milosevic, this death notice mysteriously appeared in the conservative Serbian newspaper Politika:

Thanks for all the deceit and theft, for every drop of blood that thousands shed for you, for our fear and uncertainty, for lost lives and generations, for the dreams we never fulfilled, for the horrors and wars that you, without asking us, led in our names, and for all the burdens you have placed on our shoulders. We remember the tanks in the streets of Belgrade and the blood on its sidewalks. We remember Vukovar. We remember Dubrovnik. We remember Knin and Krajina. We remember Sarajevo. We remember Srebrenica. We remember the bombing. We remember Kosovo. We have yet to begin remembering it. Dreaming of it. We remember those who died, the wounded, the victims, the refugees. We remember all of the lives you ruined.

Nada (Hope), Srecko (Happiness), Zivko (Life), Sloboda (Freedom) and Vesela (Joy).

Genius, no?

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