Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New and notable

I passed my synthesis paper defense yesterday. Today, I am painfully hungover and quite late for work, so I have invited Jonathan Cainer to comment on my behalf:

Virgo week ahead

You have lived through easier times. Have you ever, though, been in such a potentially rewarding situation before? You may think so. You may even think that there's nothing very satisfying about your current set of circumstances and it is unlikely they will lead to anything worth celebrating. You only feel that way, though, because you are fed up with a frustrating process. It seems as though this will never come to an acceptable conclusion. Ah, but it will. If you stick with it stoically and can manage to be gracefully good-humoured about a matter that secretly infuriates you, you may yet find that you start getting somewhere constructive - this very week.

Now, where did I put those painkillers?


uber said...


uber said...

so I suppose your defense must have gone really well with two whole nights of drinking?
Ps. I adore you too.

xanthium said...

Horray for you!

Aaron said...

What an achievement!