Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hope so...

VIRGO: Your Weekend

We all want our days to be full of sunny weather, happy encounters and joyous celebrations. Some of us thrive on a little 'dark drama' but none of us want to lead a life in which this provides much more than the occasional moment of contrast. Life for you lately, though, has been a little too grey, overcast or uncomfortable. You're beginning to wonder what you're doing wrong. The answer is, 'nothing'. Life just gets that way sometimes. And then, it changes.

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Frank said...

I've gotten back into reading my horoscopes since you started posting them. OK, they are on the same page as the Suduku also. Though with one exception, they have been a bit extreme for life of the winter blah's lately. Three star days have been more like half-star days. Maybe that's just the always credible 24heures daily rag. Here's to days of more contrast.

Congrats on the defense and hope all is well at the appointment tomorrow morning.