Wednesday, March 22, 2006


It felt like spring today. It wasn’t especially warm, but the wind had no bite to it at all, even without a scarf. I think this is how you can tell.

I decided to get a café au lait on my way home, which I shouldn’t have, but I wanted the taste of it and the little rush that comes. I will permit myself small pleasures in lieu of the other kind.

I can feel that I am different now, that something is irrevocably changed. I don’t know what this season will bring, but I suspect it won’t be like the last.

I do know this: there is nothing left that I need to do alone.


Frank said...

I think the height of the sun in the sky has something to do with it also. Everytime I look out the window at work, it feels like late summer.

Here's to a positive new season. The previous looks to have been a difficult one for many.

Uberfrau said...

I always knew it was spring when the entire city smelt of dog shit.

Caron said...

Amen, sister. There is nothing left I need to do alone either, whether the small pleasures or "the other kind." Still, there is the promise of another season.