Tuesday, February 07, 2006


A certain dear friend and photographer who appears regularly in this blog is having her first solo exhibition. Of course, you should go.

If you can't make it out tonight, the exhibition runs until the end the month. And if you can, I'll be the one in the red dress. :-)


Frank said...

Damn. Wish I could. I love photography and it's been while since I went to an opening.

Nick said...

Vila: will you sit idly by and watch this atrocity happen?

g_pi said...

Today I was at lunch with L, and I said, "So...I was hoping I might meet Vila at your show last night…"

She looked at me incredulously. "What??? You didn't meet her?"

I said, "Well, no. Was she there?"

She spent the next minute falling about laughing uproariously while apologising profusely for not having introduced us. But as another friend said, it was her night. She had other things on her mind.

So there I was, in your esteemed presence, and I never even knew it!

uberfrau said...

you know, I just checked out that anti smoking thing, and I couldn't help but notice, the testimonial section was blank.
btw, was that your slutty red birthday dress?
Do tell.

Vila H. said...

g_pi: Yes, the artist most definitely had other things on her mind, but what, pray, was Bob's excuse? It wasn't even his birthday yet!

I guess we'll file this one under missed opportunities. Story of my life, that... (Sighs.)

Vila H. said...

Excellent observation, D. I am beginning to feel that I am destined to become a smoking revolutionary, whether I want to or not.

FYI, I didn't wear a red dress but I did don a pair of wine coloured stockings for the occasion, which worked a charm with knee-high black boots. I think I'll go with silver lamé next time.

bob said...

i have no excuse.
i'm really not very bright.