Saturday, February 18, 2006


The wind has finally died down a little, after bringing down bricks and trees throughout the neighbourhood. I lost power three times, which made the whole day feel fragmented and strange.

I’ve been edgy lately and full of dreams I can’t shake. There’s a lot I haven’t written about, though I’m not exactly sure why. Have I become suddenly guarded? Or just dull?

In one of the dreams, I am walking up my street with someone I know but not well. It is spring, or maybe fall, and we are talking about a band we both like. As we walk, he takes my arm as though we are lovers. I notice this and think, “How brave of him!” And then the dream ends.

I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow?

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xanthium said...

dude, it's Febuary and you are in Canada. Of course life kinda seems all wierd. Don't blame yourself, blame the fact that it has been several months since you have seen the sun! This too shall pass.