Saturday, February 11, 2006


Last night, after a breathtakingly rough day at the office, I smoked a joint—which is, incidentally, something I haven’t done in a very long time.

The experience was pleasant enough at first. Today, however, I awoke with an intense pot hangover, which had the curious effect of transforming the neuroses that, on most days, fester quietly just below the surface of my consciousness into a band of pole-vaulting monkeys.

It was in precisely this state that I finally had occasion to meet one of my blog crushes, the elusive g_pi. I had just sat down to have brunch with Ada when suddenly Bob appeared, who led me to their table and presented me to her. The monkeys dutifully followed. Of course, she was charming, sweet, and quite beautiful. I was considerably less so. Damn monkeys.

Upon returning home, I searched the internet for some means of distracting the screeching primates from what was left of my sense of self. Thanks to contrary_wise, I found just the thing: the Interactive Johari Window. It is one of those pseudo-psychological games that is tailor-made for neurotics and pot-smokers alike, and which I encourage you to play with me. Better yet, start one of your own!

N.B. The IJW omits a number of terms that are essential to describing the average thirty-something grad student: for example, needy, flaky, pretentious, sex-obsessed, and drunk. Do the best you can...


g_pi said...

Vila, chère...You are far too kind.

For my part, I'd like it known that said howling monkeys were nowhere in evidence. You were every bit as witty, articulate and disarming as I'd always imagined you would be.

Vila H. said...

And she's gracious, too! :-)

contrary_wise said...

Perhaps the Nohari Window is more suited to pot smoking/grad student neuroses.