Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Friday

I woke up early again today, and was delighted to find myself squinting against the mid-morning sun. I lay in bed for a long time, luxuriating in light, then decided that I wouldn’t do any of the things I had planned to do today. It was absolutely the right call.

After tea and breakfast, I went for a long walk through the neighbourhood. I picked up cigarettes, milk, and a couple of tomatoes along the way, then headed down to the bagel shop. When I approached the counter, the newest of the employees remarked, “Wow! I’ve never seen you in daylight!” I laughed, thinking, “No, dude, you probably haven’t.”

From there, I made my way down to the post office. I received a delivery notice for a parcel several days ago, but I couldn’t for the life of me make out the name that was scrawled across it. I couldn’t think of anyone who would have reason to send me an unsolicited parcel, or what it might contain. I was still mystified, and slightly apprehensive, as I waited my turn in line.

As I eventually discovered, the parcel had come from New Zealand and contained a calendar of photographs taken by a certain Iso G. Ages ago, he mentioned that he was thinking about putting one together and asked for my mailing address, but I had completely forgotten about this until today.

The pictures are quite extraordinary, as you’ll see from the example above. I once told G, who is a scholar of steadily increasing renown, that he really should be a photographer when he grows up. Looking at his work again, I am even more convinced of this, and of the fact that at least half of the academics I know are misplaced artists. Frankly, the world is poorer for it.

On my way home, I splurged on a large cafĂ© au lait, which I am drinking as I write this. In the days ahead, I will try to catch up on some of the blog posts I didn’t write while I was working on my synth paper. Then again, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just write whatever I feel like writing, which would be a welcome change. For the moment, all I am certain of is that I will finish my coffee, eat a fresh bagel, and find a spot for my new calendar.

Thanks, G.

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Iso G. said...

Happy to oblige V. Probably a nice little treat post-synth paper. Enjoy and just so you know, the image from February is taken from a brothel. Even the brothels look stylish in Berlin.