Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Flying pigs and other strange phenomena

I woke up at 6:00 AM today. I hadn’t slept particularly well, but I had slept, so my day began where it usually ends—in the quiet moments before sunrise.

Disoriented, I drank my morning cup of tea and wondered what to do with myself. I decided to go for an early-bird breakfast at the neighbourhood diner: two eggs, bacon, toast, home fries, fruit, coffee, and juice, all for $3.45 plus tip. I lingered over my free refill and read the newspaper, which reminded me that the reins of power will soon be handed over to the Conservative Party.

I am, obviously, not a Tory supporter, so I am not exactly enthralled with our new government. Having said this, I am optimistic about one thing. For the first time in a long time, there is a very faint possibility that clear positions will be expressed on the Canadian political stage. With luck, there might even be a conversation, however heated or unproductive, between a right and a left, as opposed to the monotonous drone of an illusory centre.

Admittedly, a minority government of any stripe is less likely to stand firmly on political principle, but Harper does have a conservative base to appease, so he will have to throw them a bone once in a while. When he does, the other parties, all of which are to the left of the Tories, will have an opportunity to challenge his political agenda, and to explain why it should be challenged. Wouldn’t that be something?

On a completely unrelated note, this is the best picture ever. Seriously.

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