Friday, December 02, 2005

Get out the vote

Okay people, it’s time to stand up and be counted. This year’s Canadian Blog Awards finalists were announced today, and no less than three Montrealers and fellow YULbloggers have made the cut! They are:

Metroblog captain Andre Nantel of Digital Apoptosis for Best Photoblog

Blork of the legendary Blork Blog for Best Blog Post Series

My buddy Bob of waydownhere for Best Culture Blog, Best Progressive Blog, and—wait for it—Best Blog! Yeah!

The polls open on Saturday, December 3rd, and will remain open until Friday, December 9th. You are allowed one vote per day during this period, so use ‘em, folks! Not sure how to vote? Well, just head on over here and start clicking.

Right, now let's kick some fucking ass!

1 comment:

g_pi said...

Yay for Bob, yay for Bob, yay for Bob...!