Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The day after the Great Purge

  • Go to bank—check
  • Buy toilet paper—check
  • Pick up dry cleaning—check
  • Renew library books—check
  • Catch up on work emails—check
  • Do dishes—check
  • Clean bathroom—check
  • Do laundry—check
  • Clean cat litter—check
  • Take out garbage—check
  • Buy beer—Ah, shit...

If I had remembered to buy beer, I’d be drinking one right now. Damn, when was the last time I had a drink? Thursday, I guess. Wow, I haven’t been out since Thursday. I should go out tomorrow.

Fuck, the apartment looks good, though. Well done, Vila. Shame you don’t have any beer to celebrate your accomplishment with. Hmm, there is that whiskey that James brought over when you were sick... Ah, but I don’t feel like whiskey. I feel like beer.

I wonder how James is? He’s probably hurtling through his dissertation like a complete madman. Or playing internet chess. Hey, I bet he has beer! It’s probably too late too call, though. Yeah, it is.

Oh look, Frank just posted a comment. What the hell is he doing up so late? I quite liked his post about industrial music. I should comment on it. I keep meaning to comment on people’s blogs more, but then I forget and it feels like the moment has passed. The story of my life, that.

Hey, I should go vote for Bob’s blog again. He should so win a Canadian blog award. If he does, it’ll be like one of us winning something. “And the winner is... the smoking, insomniac slacker from Montreal for Best Blog!” Go, Bob!

Next year, I will definitely nominate g-pi. I wonder if we’ll have met by then? We really should all go to a YULblog meeting together. We could be like Bob’s trashy entourage. (Giggles.)

Ohmigod, did K. really ask me tonight if insomnia was contagious? (Laughs.) Man, he’s really gotta lay off the weed. It’s too bad we didn’t get to hook up for coffee today. I’ve been such a flake lately. I hope he understands.

Damn, it’s late. I think I’ll take a bath.


g_pi said...

Ooohhh, oooohhh, Bob's trashy entourage -- I'm dead keen...

bob said...

Me with a trashy entourage? Count me also as dead keen!

Now I just need a cult following and I will have met all my goals for this life...

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I had beer, and, oh no, it was not too late. Also, yes, there is thesis and there is hurtling: my thesis deadline is hurtling towards me. Deer, headlights.


Frank said...

With a 9-5 job I'm not usually up past 12 or 1 am. Actually, I was getting up to catch my 6am flight. I woke up too early and thought I'd get my last fill for a couple days.

Glad to hear you like the industrial post. Next is New Wave (Synth Pop) then the great beyond.