Thursday, November 24, 2005

Other people's stuff

Tonight's theme is Damn Fucking Funny, which all of the following bloggers are.

First up, we have Septima, who's just telling it like it is, honey.

Next, we have Feral Mom, who I think I have to get drunk with someday.

Finally, we have Bob, who just happens to be a Canadian Blog Awards nominee. Vote early, vote often, vote Bob!


Anonymous said...

Mine is a puny little blog. I just don't want to come in last & embarrass myself in front of the blogging nation.


Feral Mom said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout out. And hell yes, let's get drunk. I'll meet you halfway...say, Windsor? OK, how about Niagra Falls, Canadian side?

Vila H. said...

Bob--That's pretty much the Democrats' campaign strategy, isn't it?

Vila H. said...

Feral mom--You are so on! :-)