Saturday, November 12, 2005

Let’s Dance

I had every intention of going home last night, really I did. When I finished work, I planned to walk over to the library, return a couple of books, and continue on to the bus that would take me back to my sofa.

This is not what happened. Instead, I found myself, inexplicably, at the grad pub, where Setare plied me with an absurd number of free drinks before whisking me by taxi to the Jupiter Room.

Thanks, Setare. I owe you a debilitating hangover. On your period.

While at the club, I realized that I never want to hear another eighties song again as long as I live. Not “Tainted Love,” not “I’ll Melt With You,” and certainly not “99 Luftballons.” So sick am I of the eighties that I don’t even want to hear New Order, nor any song recorded by Prince during that decade.

Further, I don’t ever want to see gaggles of fresh-faced twenty-somethings dancing ironically to eighties songs again—or, more accurately, trying to dance to eighties songs, which have all the rhythmic urgency of a leaking faucet. Plop, plop. Shake that thing! Plop.

Therefore, I am declaring an emergency moratorium on eighties music, which will be strictly enforced until we reach the eighth decade of the current century. If, by that time, anyone still feels an insatiable need to dance ironically to INXS, then they will be free to do so. But not a minute before.


Frank said...

No more New Order? Blasphemy!

I always hated that in the 80's when they tried to tranform pop songs into dance tunes. Most pop songs were meant for listening, not dancing. Although they're not pop, you can't dance to a Smith's song. This city is seriously lacking radio stations from each era and style, not just current pop and CHOM rock.

If they really wanted 80's dance tunes, break out the New Order, Art of Noise, Erasure, Ministry, or even Front 242. Music that was made to be danced to.

I hope this is not deserving of another letter. I was glad to seem my name disappear from your Previous list.

Dianna said...

the eighties should die. As far as I can remember, it waqs a crappy decade anyway, but it leaves me wondering if in another five years we are going to be forced to ironically dance to ace of base songs and you know, other 90's greats, such as seal, and Kulua shaker, and chumbawamba.
as a side note:" have you heard M. ward's cover of let's dance?
it's really good.

Vila H. said...

Frank--Sorry, in order for the moratorium to be effective even New Order has to go. ;-) Still, you are quite right about the difference between listening music and dance music, and about the narrow range of musical styles that are thought of as "eighties".

I do hope that you weren't genuinely offended by my recent "letter," as that was not at all what I intended. If you were, I apologize.

Vila H. said...

D--I'm glad you're with me on this. I haven't heard the Let's Dance cover, but I will check it out forthwith...

Frank said...

Vila, Thank you.

I wasn't offended. I was just unsure how it was directed or how to take it. Thank you again for the clarification. I really enjoy reading your blog.