Thursday, November 17, 2005

Eight things about insomnia

1. It’s extraordinarily quiet.
2. Cats like it.
3. The phone doesn’t ring.
4. It’s better with cable.
5. You find remarkable things on the internet.
6. You always get enough alone time.
7. It is a space to write in.
8. Tomorrow feels a million miles away.


Frank said...

That explains the posts at all hours of the morning. Though I find the lack of sleep can be hard to endure the next day.

g_pi said...

I hate insomnia. I'm going through a bout at the moment, too. But it's TOO COLD to get up, so I usually stay in bed and toss and turn. And stew.

Very productive. A lot of fun.

And god, it makes for a long week.


Vila H. said...

No, it's not very much fun, is it? I'm sorry to hear you're having a bout, g_pi, though it is nice to have company. Keep warm tonight...