Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Confounded by love, Vila resorts to astrology

Venus Square Saturn: Perhaps your most significant lessons will be learned in relationships with others.

Venus Square Saturn: You have difficulty expressing your feelings to the people you love, so they may pass through your life without ever knowing how you feel about them.

Moon Trine Venus: Your emotional satisfaction is derived from relationships that are honest and sincere.

Cancer Rising: When you encounter new people, you are friendly enough, but you won't talk about your inner feelings until you get to know them quite well. When you feel hurt, you withdraw into yourself and avoid others.

Moon Square Uranus: Your love relationships will be much freer than usual, because you do not want to be emotionally tied to anyone more than you have to be.

Uranus Square Ascendant: You are not likely to seek a lasting partnership unless it is by agreement rather than by contract.

Mars Trine Uranus: In your romantic affairs, you are impulsive and restless. It goes without saying that you have strong sexual needs.

Mars in the Eighth House: Sexual life is of the utmost importance in your existence.

Neptune in the Fifth House: Your love nature is somewhat restless, impressionable, anxious, and most of the time subjected to dualistic influences. You are not inclined to undergo ordinary love attachments.

Sun Trine Moon: Your sincerity and honesty make you attractive to both sexes.

Moon Square Pluto: You want to enjoy the pleasures of love without having any limitations imposed on you.

Moon Square Pluto: You tend to be a loner, but when you do relate to others you often want to do so intensely.

Jupiter Opposition Saturn: This opposition indicates that you fluctuate between knowing what you are worth to having grave doubts of your value.

Moon Trine Mercury: You are always trying to express your emotions and inner, personal feelings to others, because it is very important to you that people really understand you.

Uranus in Libra: You deal with relationships differently from others.

Mercury in the Third House: You will find it easy to attract a suitable mate to share your life, insisting only that s/he be as eager as you are to grow and develop.

Moon Square Uranus: You have a strong need to have experiences that are very unusual, so you are attracted to anything new and different.

Mars Trine Uranus: You are likely to be very independent, and you need to be given great freedom to determine your own destiny. Other people will like you for your daring, although they may sometimes question your good sense.

Jupiter in the Fifth House: This is one of the best positions of Jupiter as it promises a well-rounded, expansive and gratifying love life.

Moon Opposition Ascendant: You are always looking for emotional support from someone else and, if you are really feeling depressed, protection from the difficulties of the world.

Moon in Capricorn: You are somewhat uncomfortable with your feelings. They almost seem out of place inside you, a source of difficulty instead of pleasure.

Moon Opposition Ascendant: You don't enjoy knowing someone only casually; you want to know everything about the people you are close to.

Moon Trine Venus: Your emotions are rich and beautiful, and you express them to others so that people like you for what you really are.

Moon Trine Mercury: You may have some emotional anxieties, but you are completely aware of them.

Sun Conjunct Mercury: You have a good mind, and you enjoy talking with people. A good conversation means more to you than many other things.

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