Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Water, Khansahib

More rain. It was supposed to be sunny today. It wasn't sunny. It will never be sunny again.

I have, obviously, succumbed to depression, despite my best efforts. I suppose I should at least be clever about it, but I don’t feel like being clever. I feel like curling up in someone’s lap and having my head patted. “There, there,” someone would say. “It’ll be better soon. Here, have a cookie.”

Hmm. I wonder if I have any cookies?

The worst thing about this weather is that there is no catharsis. There’s no thunder to herald change, no crackle of lightning to stand your hair on end, no torrential downpour. There is only the difference between light rain and moderate drizzle, and an interminably gray sky.

I feel cheap, using the weather as a metaphor in this way. I thought I was better than that.


uberfrau said...

I guess now wouldn't be the time to talk about how sunny it is in California, would it?

Sal said...


This, m'dear, is ENGLAND. Heavily oppressed but lightly non-confrontational passive agressive drizzle, that is just present enough to make itself felt, but not strong enough to want to commit to the term of 'rain'. That coupled with an oppressive royal regime, NO sunshine, unbelievably bad cuisine, poor personal hygiene and last but not least quite posssibly the worst teeth on the planet, it's no wonder they had to colonize the rest of the world.

But, on the other hand this is the soceity that produced Alfred Hitchcock, The Who and John Keats.

Oh yeah, and thanks for posting the image. It looks considerably 'darker' when I look at it now.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you need to get some light shipped to your home:

The ball cap is oh so stylish.

.....and hey what about that massage?


Vila H. said...

It's supposed to be sunny again tomorrow, so I think I'll hold off on the light therapy products for the moment. And no, I haven't had a massage yet. I did get a haircut today, though, which is something...