Friday, October 28, 2005


K. called last night, sensing that I have been out of sorts. We talked for a long time, both of us smoking, and it occurred to me that we are truly friends.

It takes me a long time with people. I hold myself in, which you can see if you’re paying attention. D. would say that it’s my Canadian reserve. Being a Virgo doesn’t help matters.

Arit once told me, in our eighth year of friendship, that she had no idea I was such a romantic. I am, in my way. But you didn’t hear it from me.

In any case, I’ve been out of sorts lately, and I think I may be for a while. I am, I suspect, coming to terms with things. But we’ll just say it’s the weather.

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Sal said...


Hey no prob about the long chat. That's what friends are for.

Remember: whether I'm in Montreal, Lahore, New York or Los Angeles, I'm just a phonecall away!