Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mix Tape

Cocteau Twins, Aikea Guinea

Lying on Netta’s bed, listening to her talk to her mother in Tel Aviv.

The Velvet Underground, All Tomorrow’s Parties

Smoking joints with Mike and imagining how we’d be old together someday.

Wire, Sand in My Joints

Chainsmoking cigarettes with Lorraine in our pyjamas and mining each other to the core.

The Sugarcubes, Birthday

Hugging Christine all over.

Joy Division, Love Will Tear Us Apart

Sitting cross-legged in Neil’s shirt as the streetcars went by on College Street.

Brian Eno, Everything Merges With the Night

Feeling the grass prickle under my neck with Craig on mushrooms.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Weeping Song

Wanting to kiss Allison again but not kissing her.

The Beatles, Two of Us

Feeling safe in Phil’s arms and thinking they would always feel that way.

Sundays, Can’t Be Sure

Working the Sunday shift with Eric, who had a crush on me and made me mix tapes.

Except I didn’t know he had a crush on me.


g_pi said...

Wait a sec, wait a sec -- Allison?

Do you mean to say that you are one those greedy bi-sex-u-als...?

dianna said...

we all know what those mix tapes mean now. Except for when their tapes of dutch hard rock and polka music. Then they mean nothing.

Vila H. said...

g_pi: Wait, let me check my membership card... Ah, yes, here it is:


I do notice that the card has lately expired, however. Perhaps it's time for a renewal?

Vila H. said...

D: You're quite right--polka music means nothing. So too free jazz, electro-acoustic, and anything that involves jam sessions.

g_pi said...

You know, if I wasn't happily married... Where was I?

O yes, right - probably time for a renewal. Afterall, why restrict yourself?

Vila H. said...

Why, indeed...

So, er, do you have any sisters?

g_pi said...

Malheureusement pas. Two brothers. Each hitched, after a fashion, to their respective long term partners. I'm not sure what's up with us. We seem to be serial monogomists. Bloody boring, I know. Although, I have the distinct feeling that one of my brothers (the gay one -- that gene is rampant in our family) might be pretty interested in the whole idea of polyamory...