Friday, September 23, 2005

Day off

I slept for eleven hours last night, a deep, stubborn sleep that lasted well into the afternoon. I stayed in bed for quite some time after I woke up, luxuriating in the tangle of sheets, blankets, and cats that surrounded my defiantly horizontal frame.

Happily, I had absolutely nowhere to be today. My only tasks were to take out the garbage and buy toilet paper, which I did in as leisurely a fashion as possible. Work did intrude for a short time late in the day, but was quickly banished with a few terse emails. If it’s not on fire, I have decided, it can wait until next week.

The union held its fall general meeting yesterday, which was the last of a series of events that ran us all ragged for weeks. Afterwards, I attended Setare’s birthday party at Korova, and although I was much too tired to dance or flirt, I still enjoyed myself immensely. If the giggling, grateful hug she gave me when I left was any indication, I suspect that she did too.

Setare’s birthday is actually on Friday, which makes her a Libra-Virgo cusp. In lieu of a proper birthday present, I offer this brief astrological explanation:

You are a Libra with Virgo tendencies. You are people-oriented and possess a talent for making others like you. You are also industrious and have a keen eye for detail but sometimes take on more than you can handle. It is important to you to be admired. You are aware of your public image and always strive to make the best impression. You would like to keep your emotions on an even keel, but you tend to be either enthusiastically happy or else dejected over some little thing going wrong. Love makes you feel fulfilled, and you are probably flirtatious.

That’s about right, isn’t it?

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