Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back to school

It being September, the university is veritably twitching with activity. After a deep summer slumber, every faculty, department, student organization, and activist group on campus is hosting some form of meeting, all of which apparently require my direct personal involvement.

Today, I spent nine hours planning, preparing, reviewing, responding, calling, emailing, or otherwise communicating about said meetings. Since today was my day off, I am displeased. Correction: I am downright cranky, and in dire need of a personal assistant. Or a wife.

In other news, I have dreamt of nothing but stress sex for the last two weeks. This is not the fleeting, distracted sex that so often occurs in dreams, but a vivid, almost palpable otherworld of escapist eroticism, unsullied by symbolic non-sequiturs and deaf to intruding alarm clocks.

There are no meetings in my dreams, nor emails neither.

Tonight, after the last phone call, I got on my bike and rode for a long time. I will not miss this last breath of summer, September be damned.


g_pi said...

Yeah. I am acutely conscious of the fact that this may be the last week in which I can go to the park at lunchtime and, listening to music, fall asleep in the shade for an hour. So delicious.

Alas -- such days are numbered. Autumn will pad in, softly, softly, in her red silk slippers and her chilly beauty. And then -- then we are subjected to the brutal ministrations of Winter.

Vila H. said...

I'd find this depressing if it wasn't so beautifully written. Lovely...

Anonymous said...

sublimate, sublimate.

I was just thinking, how if I lived in Montreal, the snow would start soon.