Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Weekend Edition

My apartment is insufferably hot, I am slightly nauseous from the iron pills I am taking, and I have PMS. In other words, I am in dire need of a laugh.

And here it is. Get those credit cards ready, boys--you're going shopping!

In related news, Montreal is a finalist in the “Most Fetish-Friendly” section of Gridskipper’s World’s Sexiest Cities competition. Berlin is presently in the lead, so get voting, people!

Finally, this, apparently, is what European parliamentarians get up to when their constituents aren’t looking, which explains a whole lot. Tee hee.


khansahib said...


Regarding the 'male push-up undergarments', I find the concept to be kind of odd, as one's wilfully giving oneself a wedgie.

With this combination of equipment, it is much easier to acheive the desired effect 'au naturel'....

And regarding the World's Sexiest Cities...there's a thesis in that.:)

xanthium said...

The greatest thing about that ad is that the order form starts on "small".