Monday, July 11, 2005


As an update to yesterday's post, I have no further news to report. I listened to the message my mother left this morning, emailed my brother, then decided to ignore the crisis for the rest of the day. As I am continually reminding myself, if never quite accepting, there is nothing I can do.

Someday, I will write a book about my relationship with my mother. I say this knowing full well that the last thing the world needs is another literary product about someone’s relationship with their mother, but there you go. If nothing else, I can provide assurances that it won’t happen anytime soon.

In other news, it is James’ birthday tomorrow, or, more accurately, today. In either case, a debilitating hangover looms.

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khansahib said...


I think that you are very wise, to remind yourself that there is nothing that you can do.

Also, I would highly encourage you to write a book about the relationship with your mother. The world does in fact need it, because you haven't written your story yet. Sure, there may be an abundance of literary products out there, but your voice needs to be heard. Your story needs to circulate, as a valuable contribution to the plurality of narratives that comprise human knowledge.

This work written by you will no doubt produce new knowledge and, it will be stellar, because you will add your unique voice and pen to the existing canon of motherly works.