Thursday, June 02, 2005

Today's Metroblogging post

Martin Messier can kiss my rent-controlled ass


khansahib said...


I am most impressed with your post at Metroblogging. Mostly because it opened up a whole new world of blog life for me. Specifically, I found out that such a blog group exists for my beloved Karachi. I started to salivate at the sight of the link, then proceeded to full scale drooling as soon as I saw the image at the top of the page: idyllic Pakistan, what I remember, the beach and the sea, a light continuous breeze off the ocean-your skin felt it, but your ears didn't hear it. Such heaven on earth, times with my cousins, cracking jokes in various languages, savouring sultry dishes of fresh curries and chicken, coupled with naans bursting out of the tandoor. That is the life, and this image has sparked so many fond memories that network news fails to satisfy.

Thanks again for that quick link to paradise. That trip was just what the doctor ordered.

Vila H. said...

There you are! Weren't we suppposed to have coffee soon? D. and I are planning to hit a terasse tomorrow night, if you care to join us...