Friday, June 17, 2005

On the road

Just home after thirteen hours of playing union man in Quebec City. The bus ride back to Montreal was the best part, all highway views of darkness and the calm of half-sleep. I like the sounds of travelling at night, the subtle things you hear when the lights are off and no one is talking. I think it’s the closest I get to meditation.

My dad tells me that when I was a baby, the only thing that would soothe me to sleep was a night drive. When I was a little older, one of my favourite shows was a late-night program on Toronto’s channel 47 called “Night Drive,” which consisted of an unbroken POV shot of a meandering automotive tour of the city’s downtown core, circa approximately 1979. I suspect I became an insomniac the day the show was cancelled.

Being presently unlulled, I tried Googling “Night Drive” but nothing came up. Damn.

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