Saturday, June 18, 2005

Birthday round-up

Happy birthday, prematurely or belatedly, to Martin, Maz, Iso G., and D., Geminis all. I really must make an effort to socialize with other signs more...


Iso G said...

Thanks Vila,

To be more precise, though, I'm actually a cusper: Gemini/Cancer. Not that I follow this or anything, but apparently it explains alot.

Vila H. said...

J.M. Woolfolk:

"You are a Cancer with Gemini tendencies. You have a sympathetic and generous nature, and an incisive, intellectual mind. You may be famous for your brain, but those close to you know you are a softie inside. Sometimes, your heart and mind are at odds with each other; emotions affect you more than you like to admit. You have a special touch for getting along with people from all walks of life. You need stimulation and change, and will become discontent if stuck in one place for too long."

So now you know.