Saturday, April 09, 2005


A follow-up to Wednesday’s post, which consists of a Salon interview with the adolescent psychiatrist Lynn Ponton. Ponton shares my admittedly pessimistic take on the fellatio vs. cunnilingus issue, which James and I briefly debated at a book launch last night. He is, apparently, an optimist about these matters, if few others.

I like Ponton’s approach to the problem, which is sympathetic to teens of both genders and based on her twenty years of clinical experience as well as several recent studies. Still, I’m left feeling saddened, in part because of quotes like this:

“Girls are really educated about what's involved in boys' sexual pleasure -- not in class, but by their peers. They spend hours devoted to how to give a good blow job. And they talk about technique. I don't want to go into it in great detail, but there's a lot of discussion about it. In my entire existence -- some 20 years of listening to kids talk about sex -- I have never, ever heard a group of boys discussing how to give girls good [oral sex].”

Obviously, the only solution is to implement a government program that would provide all female citizens with a vibrator on the occasion of their twelfth birthday. Then they’d know better.

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