Saturday, April 23, 2005

Catching up

Where to start?

My bicycle came home from the shop this week. I rode it to Alice’s place on Thursday, and it was good.

Atomic has returned from Iran, which pleases me. However, she leaves for Afghanistan next week, which does not. (By way of explanation, she told me, “I am more afraid of unemployment than I am of Kabul.” See below.)

I received the following email from my brother: “Just writing to let you know that you are a Montreal bagel.” I have not responded yet.

I blew off a meeting with the Dean of Graduate Studies today, and went to see The Birthday Party with Jonathan and his friend Leila instead. I have no regrets.

Oh yes, and I am now quite drunk.

Leila went home at an entirely reasonable hour, leaving Jonathan and I to our pitcher of cheap draft. Inevitably, the conversation turned towards sex and relationships and the minefield that is desire, and I realized that it all comes down to risk management.

I will have to elaborate on this when I am sober.

BTW, if you Google the phrase “smoking and fucking” you will eventually be directed to this blog. I think this is cool.

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