Sunday, March 06, 2005


Smoking in bars OK with Quebecers

Poll: Three-quarters say a ban is too much. Quebec government commissioned survey in June 2004 but never made results public. Read more.


James said...

For those interested in the public hearings on the smoking ban: the deadline for applying to participate was Feb. 25. Oddly, the Ministry of Health rather than the Ministry of Culture is in charge of these hearings. The write,

"Any submission received after this deadline will not be considered in the report produced as a result of these consultations.

The contents of a submission must be limited to opinions related to the questions addressed in the consultation document; only these opinions will be considered in the consultation report." In the Liberal spirit of open inquiry that will no doubt mark these hearings, this "consultation document" is entitled "Towards a Tobacco-Free Quebec."

Vila H. said...

Democratic process or discursive regime? I suppose it hardly matters.

As you well know, I read a major Montreal newspaper every morning without fail. I also read a representative sampling of other Canadian news sources online and routinely check several Montreal-based news weblogs. I have never once seen the application deadline for the hearings published nor otherwise advertised. Does this strike you as being just a little bit strange?

Is there any content worth reading in the consultation document? Alternatively, would you be willing to furnish The Smoking Section with a précis? In the meantime, I will begin planning the insurrection.