Thursday, February 03, 2005

Paean to a cab driver

Thank you for coming to pick me up
After I slept through my alarm
And ran out of coffee
And had awful PMS
On a twelve-hour day

Thank you for letting me smoke in your cab
As I organized my purse
And watched the clock
Knowing it was futile

Thank you for speaking to me
In a hoarse creole
Sometimes English, sometimes French
And for never stopping
The whole way down

Thank you for insisting that it was a perfect day
Not cold like it’s been
And for regaling me with show tunes
With all the wrong words
And for making me laugh despite myself

Thank you for telling me that I’m a jeune femme
And have a beautiful smile
Even if you’re full of shit
And for telling me about your three daughters
One of whom is about my age
And for the pride in your voice that is so much like my dad’s
When he talks to strangers about me

Thank you for making the day better
Than it would otherwise have been

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*smiles* and thank you for writing it down.