Saturday, February 19, 2005

Call home

I spoke with my brother again tonight. He is well into another episode, his third in four years. We talked for over an hour this time, until he heard the phone being wire-tapped and hung up.

My mother called back several minutes later and explained that my father bugged the telephone before he left, with help from the “others.” Then she cried for a long time. I used to argue with her, but now I just listen quietly. It’s easier that way.

Research suggests that schizophrenia is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. As my brother and I have both in common, I have often wondered why he developed the disease and I didn’t. This seems like a perfectly plausible explanation:

Early adult smoking protects from schizophrenia

Shouldn't I get a Medic-Alert bracelet or something?


Caron said...

So there's an upside to smoking. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

wow... maybe that explains why I didn't completely lose it when I had a nervous breakdown... for some reason Bowie just popped to mind too.. crazy mother, schizophenic brother who committed suicide in the 80's.. stayed sane in spite of ... tho' the Bowie kinda has smoking related heart disease now.. oh well... it's all about priorities... hahahaha