Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Week in Review

Received call from Ada informing me that Open Da Night (aka Café Olympico) was on fire. Felt sad for remainder of day.

Spent hours at university library trying to find non-existent books. Quietly cursed university, library, and employees of both.

Woke up to Montreal Gazette headline: “Quebec Primed for Full Smoking Ban.” Chain-smoked five cigarettes in protest; blistering rant forthcoming.

Accepted Oblivia's invitation to join YULBlog.

Got blissfully drunk after day of unproductive meetings. Briefly fantasized about sleeping with obscenely young bartender; promptly cut myself off and staggered home.

Spoke with schizophrenic brother for first time in two years. Expect next call in three to four months.

Formulated psychoanalytic theory based entirely on Sesame Street characters Ernie and Bert with Arit. Embarked on project to reclaim my inner Ernie. Will begin by eating cookies in bed.


Caron said...

In solidarity with you and the soon-to-be-banned Quebequois smokers, I chain-smoked 4 cigs last night in your honor.

Damn "the man."

Rage against that machine, Vila, rage on...

Anonymous said...

I quit smoking a little while ago, but upon reading your blog, have taken it up again and sworn a vow to continue to smoke until these nonsensical plans for an imposition of tiresome moral hooey on the province of Quebec (of all places--don't they already have a Language Police?) have been withdrawn--sort of like a hunger strike but more, um, consumptive.

Vila H. said...

Caron -- I'm touched, I truly am. But aren't you in Southern California? If so, you must be writing from jail, which is terribly thoughtful of you. (It's twenty to life for smoking, isn't it?)

Vila H. said...

Anonymous -- I'm glad you've come to your senses. Besides, consumption is so deliciously sexy, don't you think?

Caron said...

You're correct, Vila; I am in southern CA, a happy anarchist in a sea of miserable vegans and health nuts.