Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Thinking out loud

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been thinking a lot about sound of late, which is, as it happens, my current area of research. Although I am loath to turn The Smoking Section into an academic blog (see below), I have decided to permit myself the occasional foray into work-related territory.

Before I begin, I will make three solemn vows to you, my loyal readers:

1. I will, whenever possible, refrain from using academic jargon; words exceeding seven syllables are expressly forbidden.

2. I will under no circumstances cite the works of Deleuze and Guattari.

3. I will endeavour to write about sex at least as often as I write about subjects of a scholarly nature.

Which brings me to my first musing: what is the aural equivalent of the term voyeurism? There is eavesdropping, I suppose, and overhearing, neither of which possess quite the same erotic charge.

Elisabeth Weis proposes the term écouteurism, which she helpfully notes is French -- uh, thanks -- but does not justify further. She also disses the hell out of M*A*S*H*, because she is, apparently, just that much more of a feminist than the rest of us. But I digress...

So, when we are not looking but listening, are we écouteurs, then? And, if so, does this redeem the practice of having sex with the lights off?

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Anonymous said...

and may I assume that #4 The sense of Humour is already established as a permanent foothold and thus, not specifically listed?
"it's just a feeling that passing of time, a new beginning a, a new life "

*giggle* No, it's actually just a website of strange snippets of overheard conversation.