Thursday, January 20, 2005

Strange bedfellows

Alberta: Smoking bans useless
Montreal Gazette

Premier Ralph Klein called smoking bans "useless" yesterday - in the midst of a national non-smoking week - arguing people in provinces with restrictions on lighting up aren't healthier than those in smoky jurisdictions. Klein stood by his refusal last week to enact a provincewide ban on smoking in workplaces, saying Albertans choose where they work. "I was in Ontario and I didn't see a healthier Ontarian than I saw in Quebec, where they don't have smoking bans at all."

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cat said...

even as a person who is allergic to smoke and prefers not to be near it when she's out.. i think smoking bans are stupid. waste of money. waste of time. i mean, come on! i'm fine with smoking sections and if i don't want to be around smoke then - wait for it! - i move away from it GASP! oh, the genious!!