Saturday, January 22, 2005

Spring or Bust

Some days are like pinball machines; Thursday, for example. In the span of one evening, I got pickpocketed, James lost his keys, we both nearly got frostbite, and I learned that Phil is engaged. In spite of everything, it was a good day.

James’ friend Molly joined us around midnight and made us tell sex stories until last call. I liked her for this, and because she’s a Gemini. I've always liked Geminis, but I should never, ever have sex with them. Hold me to that, will you?

Molly had a lot of stories to tell, but they all turned dark in the end, even the funny ones. James and I each told tales of unconsummation, which he thinks are more interesting than the other kind. I’m not sure I agree, though they are my forte. Perhaps it is time that I acquired a new m├ętier?

On a related note, my father has started internet dating. I repeat: my father has started internet dating. Within twenty-four hours, he had hooked up with a 52-year old redhead from Belgrade. He sent me her picture today, and yes, she’s cute.

Question: Is there any way to make long johns sexy? Please advise.


Oblivia said...

Drats! No cuddling for you and me, then.

As for long johns, the only way to make them sexy is to hold them up using a garter belt. Short of that...NO.

Your dad: hook me up! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh bully for Phil, then everything really did unfold in the Universe as it should. That's a rebound worthy of been listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the worlds largest Catapult.

I just typed for 6 hours solidly, so far all my stories have turned dark in the end too, is it a Gemini thing? Don't have sex with them.
I have learnt this also.

Job Developments occured, the main development being that I no longer have a job. But own a brandnew scooter I still haven't paid for... What an interesting January we've both had... it's not gonna be one of THOSE years is it?

Your "dad" story made me smile. Internet dating can bring comfort.

Cut the Crotch out.