Tuesday, December 28, 2004


No matter what I did, I couldn’t get warm today. My bed was cold, even under the comforter and two blankets. My living room was cold, even with a cat on my lap and the heat turned up high. The Café was cold, even at the warmest table right next to the radiator. Ada’s kitchen was cold, even with the space-heater going full blast. I am cold as I write this, and I fear I won’t be warm again until spring.

I have been watching the tsunami coverage on CNN, which has been handed over to the station’s European bureau until morning. According to AP, the earthquake that triggered the massive waves actually disturbed the rotation of the earth. “‘All the planet is vibrating,’ said Enzo Boschi of the Italian National Geophysics Institute.” I wonder if an American scientist would have phrased it in quite the same way?

I feel like I should be making New Year’s resolutions. Some possible contenders:

Clean out Inbox.
Write music.
Drink less beer, more hard liquor.
Re-read Leaves of Grass.
Download everything ever recorded by the Magnetic Fields.
Use moisturizer daily.
Buy more winter socks.
Go dancing at Club Korova.
Play the lottery.

Or, I could just hibernate until May.

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